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Advantages of hydraulic steering gear:

The mechanical hydraulic assisted steering wheel and the steering wheel are all connected by mechanical parts, with precise control, direct road feeling, and rich information feedback; the hydraulic pump is driven by the engine, the steering power is abundant, and it is suitable for large and small vehicles; mature technology, high reliability, and average The manufacturing cost is low.

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Advantages of electronic steering machine:

It has most of the advantages of mechanical hydraulic power assistance, while also reducing energy consumption and responding more sensitively. The power steering assistance can also be adjusted according to parameters such as turning angle and vehicle speed, making it more user-friendly. However, with the introduction of many electronic units, the manufacturing and maintenance costs will increase accordingly, and the stability of use is not as reliable as that of mechanical hydraulics.

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Direction machine

Shell 1 is burred and sandblasted-boring gear rack hole-boring guide hole mounting hole-car outer circle

Shell 2 burr sandblasting-boring gear rack holes-boring pilot holes-drilling and tapping oil holes ①-drilling and tapping oil holes ②-car outer circle + dust cover outer circle-milling boss- -Rolling

Shell 3 is burred and sandblasted-boring gear rack hole-boring guide hole mounting hole-boring gear rack hole

Shell 4 is burred and sandblasted-boring gear rack holes-boring pilot holes-drilling and tapping oil holes ①-drilling and tapping oil holes ②-car outer circle-rolling-boring gear rack holes

Shell 5 is burred and sandblasted-boring gear rack hole-boring guide hole mounting hole-boring gear rack hole

Shell 6 burr sandblasting-boring gear rack holes-boring pilot holes ①-drilling mounting holes-drilling and tapping oil holes-car outer circle-rolling-boring gear rack holes ①- Boring gear rack hole②——boring pilot hole②——drilling and tapping oil hole

Valve body Rough drilling-burring and sandblasting-car inner hole-plane car internal control-drilling installation hole-chamfering countersinking-drilling and tapping oil hole-rolling

Valve sleeve drilling material——inner hole——cutting——polishing①——milling positioning pin hole——flexing oil groove——drilling straight hole——drilling oblique hole——deburring——quenching——polishing② ——Grinding the inner hole — quilting——installing the sealing ring

Gear shaft saw material-quenching and tempering-car outer circle-cobalt reaming pin hole-pressing pin-rough milling groove-fine milling groove-hobbing-deburring-quenching (low temperature tempering) ——Rolling——Fine grinding of outer circle——Polishing

Rack saw material-normalizing treatment-rough grinding-fine grinding-deep hole drilling-car inner hole and thread ①-car inner hole and thread ②-tapping-slotting-milling Plane-milling-drilling and chamfering-tooth quenching-rod quenching-straightening-tooth polishing-rough grinding of the outer circle-fine grinding of the outer circle-polishing and rust removal

The complexity of the processing of parts can be seen. After processing, all parts must be cleaned in the cleaning area. After cleaning, they are assembled in the assembly area. After assembly, the test is performed. After the test is passed, the grease will be wiped off and enter the packaging area, and the unqualified will be repaired. Area. There are 3 packaging lines in the packaging area, and the packaging will be put into the warehouse after the packaging is completed.

Quality management supervision department

he company adheres tSet up a special quality management supervision department and designate the person in charge of project quality supervision. Determine the quality policy, quality objectives and clear division of responsibilities. Strictly implement the enterprise quality management system and project quality supervision system. Certification, evaluation and monitoring of product and raw material suppliers. Supervise and manage the inspection and evaluation of purchased products and materials. Supervise and manage the quality assessment of the outgoing products and the review of product information. Supervise and manage product quality in the whole process of transportation of product materials, arrival acceptance, and replacement of goods. Supervise the execution of the entire supply plan to ensure the smooth completion of construction. Regularly participate in work meetings and report the results of product quality supervision work to the project leader.o the high-tech mid-to-high-end market positioning concept, continuously improves technology and improves product performance. With advanced technology, first-class equipment, scientific management, and excellent quality, the company produces products that make customers feel assured and satisfied.

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Common Problems Of Hydraulic And Eps Steering Gear

Does the car's power steering system reduce our physical strength on the steering wheel? Or does the hydraulic pressure of the power steering system force the steering wheel to turn?

Answer: The so-called boost is actually to help you reduce the effort used to turn the steering wheel. Your car should be hydraulically boosted. You need to start the engine to drive the hydraulic booster pump, and then use the principle of hydraulics to achieve boost. The power is gone, so the mechanical structure is left to move directly, which is equivalent to turning the front tires that carry the weight of the car body through the steering wheel; so it is heavier, of course, there is no problem in doing so. It was originally designed like this. There may be a little noise, so don't worry about it.

I found out that the rod connected to the steering wheel in front of the pedal is called a steering linkage? It is a bit long and rusty, how to deal with it?

It’s called the steering gear steering linkage or the steering column linkage, with a universal joint. Due to material problems, many linkages will rust. Don’t mind, it will not affect the use. Derusting just removes surface rust. However, it is not helpful for its function and use. You can use a rust remover and then use cloth or fine sandpaper to remove it. It will still be like this after a while. It is not recommended to remove the rust because it is not a professional. You are not sure about the tightening torque in the future. After disassembly, the steering wheel will move if it is not fixed properly, and even the balance spring of the steering wheel and the wrong direction will appear, which is even related to safety. Can.

When the car is driving, the steering wheel is in the middle position and does not move, but the car is automatically driving to a certain side?

The reason is that the left and right tires have unequal wear or different air pressures. The positioning parameters of the two front wheels are inconsistent, and the positioning parameters of the rear wheels are inaccurate (forming a thrust angle). The left and right steering tie rods are bent or deformed, and the clearance at the hinge is too large. The coil springs of the two front suspensions have unequal elastic forces or deformed too much. The gap is too large after the hub bearing is worn. The frame is deformed. Deformation of the front or rear axle. Improper adjustment of the axial machine. Brake drag on one side. Eliminate one by one according to the cause of the failure. "

When turning the steering wheel left and right, feel very difficult?

The reason is incorrect positioning of the front wheels. Insufficient tire pressure. The steering transmission mechanism is deformed and worn, and the ball pin is too tight. The steering gear is short of oil, the meshing gap of the steering gear is too small, the bearing is damaged or the preload is too large. The safety steering column and flange are deformed. The front coil spring is broken or the body or frame is deformed. The clearance between the king pin and its bushing is too small or the pressure bearing is damaged. The fit clearance of the ball joint of the horizontal and straight tie rods is too small. All moving parts are short of oil.

Phenomenon When a car is driving, turn the steering wheel to the left and then to the right, and feel heavy on one side and light on the other?

The reason is that the spool valve in the distribution valve is improperly adjusted, which makes the spool valve deviate from the middle position. The pre-opening gaps on both sides of the spool valve shoulder of the distribution valve are not equal. There is dirt in the spool valve, which causes the spool valve or the reaction plunger to get stuck, resulting in different resistance to left and right movement. There is air on one side of the power cylinder. The body or frame is deformed or the front suspension is faulty. "

The front wheels sway when the car is driving in a straight line at a low speed, and the direction feels unstable. When turning, the steering wheel can be turned to control the direction of the car.

Cause of failure

① The steering knuckle arm device is loose.

②The steering gear bearing is too loose.

③The meshing gap of the transmission pair is too large.

④The horizontal and straight tie rod ball pins are severely worn.

⑤The king pin and bushing of steering knuckle are severely worn, and the matching clearance is too large.

⑥The front hub bearing is loose; the front axle is bent; the clearance of the hub bearing is too large.

⑦The frame rim is deformed; the front toe is too large; the wheel hub bearing clearance is too large.

⑧The steering king pin and the bushing are worn loose, and the matching clearance is increased.

⑨The clearance of the hub bearing is too large.

⑩Toe toe is too large; wheel hub bolts are loose or incomplete.

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